Goosfest - The Heartbeat of Arts & Music in Cheshire

2022 Event Tickets On Sale August 8th – Events Online Soon!

Goosfest - The Heartbeat of Arts & Music in Cheshire

2022 Event Tickets On Sale August 8th – Events Online Soon!

Thanks to this year’s Goosfest audiences. Here’s to 2022!

A huge thank-you to everyone who supported this year’s Goosfest weekend festival. It was great to stage ‘live’ performances in front of such appreciative audiences. We hope that you all enjoyed the events you attended, and if you’ve any feedback on the performers or other aspects of an event, we’d love to hear from you. Just email

2022 and beyond

Now to next year! Yes, we’ve provisionally agreed the dates for next year’s Goosfest. Building on our mini festival weekend this year, we’ll be expanding the schedule to an 8/9-day programme for 2022, from Friday October 7th, 2022, to the following weekend. More details in due course.

Your Goosfest needs you!

In the meantime, if you’d like to be involved in any way, please get in touch. There are only a few of us on the Goosfest Committee and we need more help if we’re to continue in the years ahead. If you don’t fancy joining the Committee itself, there are other ways in which you can support the festival. We’re looking for:

  • Practical help for events – helping to set up staging, chairs, tables etc for events in the Village Hall and at other venues
  • Someone with experience in stage lighting, or a willingness and interest to learn, to assist our current lighting director
  • Home cooks who might be willing to prepare a hot meal or buffet item, to be delivered to the venue for the artiste(s) on the night.
  • Volunteers to help staff the bar (there’s a rota so even if you can support one event, it would be appreciated. The larger the team of volunteers, the fewer times we’ll need to ask for help)
  • Accommodation for a performer. If you have a spare bedroom that a weary artiste could retire to, rather than a long journey back home after a performance, let us know. We appreciate that accommodating artistes depends on personal willingness to host, according to any local health-protection requirements at the time. Hopefully, the environment will be more conducive to hosting guests next year.

Got an idea for an event?

If you’ve got any ideas for future workshops, or other events you’d like to see at a future Goosfest, please drop us a line. We can only provide the entertainment that Goostrey prefers if we know what Goostrey wants! Contact us at or click here.

Thanks again to everyone who helped organise Goosfest 2021, supported us and attended the events. It was great to be back, after last year’s enforced cancellation, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year.

Goosfest Events

Goosfest is excited to announce the following line-up for this year’s Festival.